Monday, April 29, 2013

Floral prints for men - smart and loud fashion statements

It takes a strong, confident man to totally rock a trend that screams of feminine authority, but then again this season is far from being the first one that installed men’s fashion in the middle of a print invasion. If you’re the fashion forward kind of guy who doesn’t mind sporting a bold color or an intricate pattern at times, we bet occasions will rise when further pushing the style boundaries will only result in a floral burst.

When it comes to trends, most people know that they can disappear just as soon as they pop up. The world of men’s fashion is constantly in flux, and trends sometimes come out of nowhere to become so popular that the industry has to shift in order to accommodate them. With 2013 finally here, it’s time to start thinking about which trends are most likely to find popularity during the New Year. Gaining a more thorough understanding of modern trends and how they work can not only make you more educated about men’s fashion, but can also make you a better dresser. 

Flowers have always been used to express feelings and commemorate rituals, so it’s safe to assume that floral prints and fashion share a common past, one keen on amplifying a statement regardless of its nature. For fashion in spring / summer 2013, the vibrant hues are being complemented by an equally lively selection of prints, making it easy to choose between a daring, adventurous and a rather minimal approach.

Floral prints are, of course, a type of print just like any other. They differ from the norm, however, in that they are not exactly typical in men’s fashion. Many people associate floral prints with the female wardrobe, but there’s truly no need for this distinction to be made. As with stripes, polka dots and other types of patterns, floral prints have a place in men’s fashion and can help to turn heads when worn in the right manner. 

The most common application of floral prints in men’s fashion is in shirts. Floral print shirts tend to be made out of light, elegant materials such as silk or fine Egyptian cotton, and sometimes take a “western” slant. Many of these shirts, for example, feature mother of pearl buttons and other embellishments that set them apart from the typical button-down. While there are other types of applications for floral prints (ties, jackets, and even certain types of pants), you’ll do best by sticking with the more common floral shirt if you are new to this look.

Believe it or not, prints are versatile. It’s all about getting past the idea that prints will only make you stand out – and the possibility of looking like your father sporting a Hawaiian fancy dress outfit.

If worn correctly, printed shirts can create a real style statement and become the focal point of your outfit. At the same time, you can also wear printed shirts subtly, layering garments over the shirt to neutralize the attention.

If you’re willing to wear your prints as a statement, you need to concentrate fully on fit and what you wear them with. You want to make the shirt the focal point of your look, and there are a variety of ways to achieve this. Here are a few things to keep in mind about this trend, and how to make it work for you.

Depending on the shirt, use an opposite tone when it comes to your trousers or shorts. You want to create a contrast between the two; so lighter tone trousers/shorts will work nicely with a darker printed shirt, and vice versa. This ensures the printed shirt draws attention naturally, without standing out too much.

If you plan to take up the challenge, mix up the style of print and concentrate on contrasting from top to bottom. Here are a few photos of prints being worn as a statement:

Using printed shirts to add a subtle touch of color and pattern is often looked upon as the most favored option. A print can be layered underneath a cardigan, blazer or jumper to neutralize the bright pattern of the shirt.

We've touched on using darker tones as a counterweight to bright colors before; the same principle applies with prints.

You’re probably thinking: “Why buy a printed shirt if you’re going to hide it?” Well, we’re going to be using the printed shirt to compliment the clothing layered over the top, such as the blazer or cardigan. Again, contrasting tones help to bring attention to your shirt but, at the same time, won’t create too much of a statement.

Here are a few photos of prints being worn subtly:

Floral prints are an extremely popular trend this season and you should definitely be looking at ways to utilize them in your current (ever expanding) wardrobe. Staring at that brightly printed shirt may be daunting at first, but there’s a variety of ways you can wear it this season.

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